The real scene is that many radiologists are still using a hard drive, local DICOM PACS, and desktop viewing stations to store their medical records. But, it’s much risky to store your patients’ records other than in the cloud. It allows you to keep your patients’ records of your practices, imaging center or hospitals with PACS DICOM viewer while having the cloud storage.

You’ll be able to provide their desired image instantly whenever your patient and a specialist send you a request. Also, it has both short as well as long term storage space facilities. When a patient comes to you after months or years for their medical imaging or further treatment, the cloud-based storage comes to use.

But, the specialists will not be able to provide the proper treatment if they’re unable to access their previous medical images. Well, let’s know some other unique reasons to choose cloud storage solutions.

File Versioning

You can revise your document worriless with a service of support file versioning. When you do these modify services with that option they don’t overwrite your previous or old files. As an alternative, you can recover the old files later because they store several versions of these files. Sometimes it can act as a lifesaver for you when you recover an overridden document.

A large number of cloud solutions indeed support this feature in some different form. But, some of them will just retain a limited amount of versions. Or, even they delete their older versions after a specific time. In the same way, if you delete a file or some of them, most cloud solutions allow you to get back them. 

Automatic Syncing

This is another great reason to choose the cloud storage solution for your imaging center or hospital. When you use this feature, it’ll help you to update your documents when you edit them. But, all services with this feature of syncing will not function automatically.

It’s a good thing that protects you from saving it several times after editing your files. Also, you can take it easy to know that your files are up-to-date with this automatic syncing feature.

Collaboration Tools

You always like to use the top-notch tools when you need to share or edit your patients’ records. But, the feature of collaboration may vary from one service provider to another. An overall service provider allows you to share your files with the desired patient or physicians.

You can do it some different way like using email option and direct link. However, above all, if you have the best cloud solution, it’ll keep your patients’ data safe and secured. So, ensure it has these features that will fit with your workflow before taking a solution.

Security & File Encryption

You should keep the highest concern on the security of the medical images when you move them to the cloud. So, if the provider has a lack of the exact features, your patients’ image may get in risk. That’s why you must ensure getting the best vendor that can provide you the best security of your medical images.


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