To sell your interesting house as fast as possible, you need to apply for probation.

What Is Probate?

Let’s start off with the basics. Probation is the process by which your attorney is granted official permission through the courts of justice to deal with the assets of a deceased person, including sorting out and collecting their estate property, paying off debts if any and distributing the assets to the legal heirs.

What Is Considered A Probate Asset?

Individual assets are assets that are in the name of the deceased person, such as vehicles, bank accounts, savings account, stocks, and recreational items like artwork. Put simply, if the benefactor was the single owner of the property then it falls under this category.

Any assets that were acquired at some point in the deceased owner’s life that weren’t included in the life trust will be subject to probation.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Probation?

 If the property is non-taxable, with inheritance tax and other dues cleared, you may get the probation within 6 weeks or so. For taxable property, the time period can stretch up to 12 weeks max. In urgent cases, involving the court, the process can speed up to just 2 weeks max.

Can A House Be Sold Before Probation Is Granted?

If the deceased and their spouse co-owned the property and the spouse is alive and wishes to sell the property, then yes it can very well happen. If the deceased was the sole owner of the property, then the property cannot be sold unless probation is granted.

How To Sell Probate House Fast?

1. Arrange a Home Valuation

During the probation period, the next step is to hire a qualified professional to assess the value of your property for your probation application. You should report the value of your property as of the date in which the owner passed. Initially you will just need a rough figure for you to assess whether the owner owes any inheritance tax. The main challenge is getting an accurate estimation of your property, do not be fooled by real estate agents who will try to lure you in hopes of charging heavy evaluation fees and broker charges.

2. Simple Home and Repair Costs

Most inherited homes are either outdated or need to be heavily repaired and renovated in hopes of getting better payouts when compared to other modern and well-kept properties already listed on the market. Ensure basic tasks such as moving the lawn, fixing minor breakages and leaks, applying a fresh coat of paint and identifying and fixing potential hazards. You can also sell it to cash home buyers if you don’t want to repair it before selling. There are many firms that can help in cash inherited home Dallas sell.

3. Choose A Way of Selling the House

Now comes the time of finally putting up your property in the market. You can choose from a variety of options such as putting online ads, arranging an auction, selling through a real estate agency or broker or selling it by yourself.

4. Capital Gains Tax

Once the buy our Dallas inherited home for cash deal is set, you need to report your capital gains tax. This type of tax applies to the profits made on the sale of the property which has increased in value. If the house was bought at $500,000 and the value increased to $600,000, you would report Capital Gains Tax on the $100,000 gained.


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