If you’re searching for an attractive dog, then this article will be helpful for you. Here, we will present some strongest and top dog breeds for you. Well, everyone wants to have an attractive pet at their home.

So, nothing can be more beautiful than dogs. But you should know the details about the different types of dogs before selecting one. Mainly, their various dog breeds are available all around the world.

And it will be better to choose the strongest and healthy dog for you. So, before you look for “buy service dog tags,” read on the below discussion and know more about the various dog breeds.  

Caucasian Ovcharka

First of all, we will present Caucasian Ovcharka dog breeds. Mostly, these god breeds are muscular and very strong. They are from mountain (Caucasus) regions. We cannot but share that these types of dogs look very attractive.

Mainly, the shorter coat and strongest bones give the Ovcharka dogs a great look. Moreover, they are much bigger than in other regions of dogs. As they are big and size and strong enough, that is why they love to be leaders.

Even they save the sheep’s life from the jackals and bears. Lastly, Ovcharka dogs are brilliant, and they require well training as well. If you do not well trained Ovcharka dogs, then it would be tough to socialize them.

Dogo Argentino

Another strong and attractive dog is Dogo Argentino. Mostly, they are very large in size and white. They are from Argentina. First of all, the hunter prefers to have this dog breed with them when hunting.

Dogo Argentino plays a vital role in hunting games. We have listened to many Dogo Argentino breeds owners, and they told us that these dogs are brave and can protect their companions.

Moreover, these dogs are capable of long-distance traveling. Also, they can adjust to all kinds of weather. So, you can take it with you everywhere when you go for an outing.


Now we will talk about another healthiest dog breed. And the name of this dog breed is Kangal. First of all, they have very massive bones and large bodies. That is why people select them to protect predators.

Well, they come from Turkey. Most people say that this dog looks more attractive due to the long curly tail. Also, they have big heads and wide ears. One fantastic thing is that these dogs have double lair fur.

That also presents an attractive look for dog lovers. Though the ears of these dogs are black velvet, the dog’s body color is grey. If you are searching for a working dog, this dog will be the best choice.

Tibetan Mastiff

Lastly, we will talk about the Tibetan Mastiff dog breeds. Mainly, Tibetans are guardian dogs. They are very imposing and watchful in character. The Tibetan Mastiff dog stays very active in the evening and morning time. These dogs’ fantastic looks attract people, and most people select them as their pets.


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