If you don’t have the facility of using a fixed-line internet or the NBN connection, you have the single option to choose is the mobile internet. No matter you’ll get the same data inclusions or not, you’ll get a reliably fast internet connection from mobile broadband. Besides, it might somehow an intimidating process when it comes to choosing an internet plan for you. However, you know the reality that mobile broadband of Telstra is very costly than any other big or small providers. For example, regardless of its type of connection, you’ll get its starting price is from $70 every month plan that offers 100GB data. But, you’ll get their services to start from around $60 if you choose the smaller providers. So, if you compare Telstra’s internet plans with iiNet or TPG, you’ll find the better and cheaper.

Now, let’s know some more things about Telstra broadband home phone bundles if you’re going to get them.

Telstra Thanks

If you’re one of the Telstra internet customers, you’ll get eth right to use the Telstra Thanks perks features. In this option, there’s a lot of other offers accessible while it’s well-known for inexpensive movie tickets. These include Event and BBC cinemas movie tickets for $12.50 without 5 pm sessions on a Saturday and public holidays plus special events. With the same exclusions, you’ll have to pay $15.50, and $16.50 for VMax if you’re fond of 3D movies. When you reserve your movie ticket by means of Telstra, you’ll also get free popcorn and drink a large combo. For selected movies for every Thursday, you can get a $3 movie rental through BigPond Movies.

Telstra Air

This is the largest Wi-Fi hotspots in Australia that have a million across the country and over 19 million international partnerships with its Fon WiFi. If you’re a payphone user, you’re using now Telstra Air hotspots, but Telstra stores are hotspots as well. when it comes to their broadband clients, they can split the network by turning the home modem into a hotspot if you lie to get the way of free use to the network. As a Telstra broadband customer, you have to get registered in the Telstra Air network to get access to hotspots. It means that when you sign up and dealing out a small total of your bandwidth to people who are using your home as a hotspot with the Telstra modem you get from them.

Telstra Smart Home Add-Ons

In the issue of add-ons, you can choose its Smart Home add-on kits if you like to be smart. In this way, you’ll not find on other internet service sources for Telstra broadband and home phone bundles. In this case, you have some different plans to choose from like $25 per month plan for the smart home control and monitor kit. Also, you’ll be able to choose 40 per month plan that comes with monitor and voice control multi-room kit and it has a validity of 24 months with one smart power plug.


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