Here are some tips to manage cloud costs that will also help you reduce your cloud expenses.

1. Monitor Your Daily Spending

It should be noted the cloud computing services can be expensive if you are careless, don’t monitor the daily spending and try to cut them down. So you have to be careful and monitor the daily spending on cloud services. As you get charged for what you use so monitoring is inevitable to cut down the expenses and manage cloud costs in a reasonable range.

2. Shut Down Unused Instances

As we take care of electricity and don’t keep lights turned on when they have no use, the same is case with cloud services. You need to supervise the system and check where you can disconnect the connections to reduce costs for your cloud based medical record storage. Point out all such places where you can shut down the server. This will help you manage the cloud costs and even reduce them to a great extent.

3. Rely on Automation

Initially some companies use manual monitoring and tracking options. But once things get in the flow and they don’t have time to monitor and manage the cloud services, they believe automation is must now. The automated process is easier, more convenient, allows better options to manage the cloud services and you can simply see where you can reduce the costs. This will be a huge boost in terms of managing the cloud services and reducing costs.

4. Use a Cost Management Tool

For enterprises and organization, there are a number of options available when it comes to cost management of your cloud services. These tools or software can be integrated to your cloud server and they keep the record of consumption, rates, payments, billing and other aspects. Such a tool can make your cloud cost management much easier and efficient. Just do some research and you will find a reliable cost management software for your cloud services.

5. Hybrid Cloud Management

The companies that have huge needs and complex systems of cloud services should look for hybrid cloud management options. The hybrid cloud management systems come with integration of monitoring and cost management. It will be wise and even better to spend some money on a tool than wasting it in cloud services. You will be stress free and things will become automated for your cloud based medical record storage.

6. Change Cloud Host

Not all cloud service providers have same services, rates and quality. So if you are getting more charges or increased bill for your medical image cloud storage, you should try to look for a new cloud host with better services and more affordable rates. Some hosts also fail to manage the costs and billing of the clients so if you have such a host, it is better to change it in order to manage your cloud cost better.


7. Move to Private Cloud

Users of the public cloud services reported huge loss of space, irregularities and mismanagement. With public cloud, you are left with no options to improve the management and reduce cost. For this they recommend to moving to the public clouding which offers more options to manage and cut down your cloud service expenses.


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