There are lots of jewelry stores in Santa Barbara, California. Some are awesome, some aren’t that trustworthy. We have made a list of 5 of the best jewelry stores in Santa Barbara-based on their Yelp reviews. Take a look at them.

Te Amo Jewelers

Te Amo is a family run business that started in 1993 and now they’re one of the go-to jewelry places in Santa Barbara. If you search for jewelry store yelp, their name will pop up at the top. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a gift for your teenage child or you’re celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary, you can find the right gift at Te Amo. Along with jewelry and watch repair, they also buy gold. If you want to sell or replace a gold item, you can go to Te Amo, they will give you a competitive price.

Bryant & Sons

As the name suggests, this is also a family-owned business. They started in 1965 and have built a legacy of providing top-class jewelry works. They always try to dazzle their customers with their slick design. They have selected designers’ collection from the world’s most prestigious designers. They sell both readymade and custom jewelry items. They also sell timepieces.

Patco Jewelers

Patco jewelers are one of the top jewelers in Santa Barbara. Everything they do, they do it with the intention of making it a top-notch work. They not only make and sell jewelry they also repair watches and buy pre-owned jewelry items, too. No matter what occasion you need a jewelry item for, they can make it for you, or maybe they have it on themselves. They always charge an affordable price and they are always warm to their customers. They have decades of experience in jewelry making and they’re making their crafts even finer each day.

Calla Gold Jewelry

Calla Gold is the most exceptional of our list who sell gold Santa Barbara. Unlike the rest of them, Calla Gold doesn’t have a store. People don’t go to them rather; they go to people to bring them the jewelry they want. They work with the customers one-on-one to know the personal style and taste and give it life. Calla Gold designs custom pieces of jewelry for its customers. They also repair jewelry, and repurpose them, too. Calla Gold was established in 1983 and they pride themselves in helping people select the right pieces of jewelry at a reasonable price.

Truong & Co.

Truong & Co. is a full-service jewelry store that specializes in custom design jewelry. They started in 2010 and have been consistent in giving their customers the best products at an affordable cost. They make a wide variety of jewelry items, including engagement rings. They also offer wholesale loose diamonds, jewelry appraisals and repairs, and the buy pre-owned jewelry.


The names we mentioned here are very well known in the Santa Barbara area. If you look for jewelry store yelp, you will definitely read good reviews about them. They are very trustworthy and do good works on jewelry.


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